Samasthiti—Sanskrit for “returning to the original balanced state”

The concept of this book is to blend together two formally independent sequences of images, shot over a period of two months. The first sequence is part of a larger body of work taken in the area of conflict in Eastern Ukraine. It comprises images of urban destruction caused by heavy bombardment that are presented here in the order the shots were taken. The second sequence was made in Paris, providing technical images for an Ashtanga Yoga book published by teachers Gérald Disse and Linda Munro. This sequence is similarly strictly arranged, in the order the images were presented in the draft layout of the yoga book. The intentionally mechanical combination of these two unmanaged and independent sequences produces multiple new narratives for the viewer to interpret. Kosorukov’s Smasthiti serves as a metaphor for the new reality which he believes we are currently slowly drifting towards.

440 Seiten, 428 Abbildungen

30 x 20 cm


ISBN 978-3-95829-631-2

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