Man beholds in the animal a part of himself and his relation to the world. Photography represents the animal as both a true friend and a tool, a dignified being and a monstrous creature. Animal pictures are also reflections of the times in which they are made – whether it’s a big-game hunt in the 19th century or a recent shoot for a cat food commercial. There are innumerable occasions for photographing animals: for research purposes and as trophies; to document what man has grown fond of or has exterminated; to arouse emotions or to create a work of art.

This book presents the photographed animal from photography’s beginnings to the present day in a depth and variety never seen before. This unique selection brings together work from the daguerreotype to modern press photographs, from amateur snapshots to images captured by famous photographers, covering practically all aspects of animal photography.

This volume of photography contains Ottomar Anschütz, Adolphe Braun, Balthasar Burkhard, Comte de Montizon, Jean Louis Delton, Thomas James Dixon, Garry Winogrand and many others.

Herausgegeben von Ute Eskildsen und Museum Folkwang

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ISBN 978-3-86521-209-2
1. Auflage 09/2005


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