Tierney Gearon’s highly provocative and introspective work finds its latest incarnation in Daddy, where are you? a meditation on the nature of motherhood via the artist’s mother. Exhibiting a documentary style infused with props, implied narrative, and chance, these portraits have a spontaneous feel that belies Gearon’s camera. This apparent contradiction of form and function is the crux of the work: snapshots turned iconic. Juxtaposing filmic elements with the pathos of a family album, the images escape any singular interpretation or reading. Similarly, the palette oscillates between flesh tones and hyper-real shades of red, green, blue, and yellow—a visual trajectory of highs and lows that seems to echo the protagonist herself. The distinction between artifice and reality diminishes, and each image is rendered honest and true. Daddy, where are you? is a work in interrogative form, inviting the viewer on a journey without conclusion but presenting a fascinating and fresh colorist aesthetic along the way.

156 pages

Hardback / Clothbound
32.5 x 26.8 cm


ISBN 978-3-86521-309-9
1. Edition 03/2007

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€ 75.00 incl. VAT
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