Hufelandstrasse, 1055 Berlin is Harf Zimmermann’s 1986–87 portrait of the people and places of Hufelandstrasse, a bustling neighborhood street in the heart of communist East Germany. Inspired by Bruce Davidson’s East 100th Street (1970), his radical depiction of life on a block in East Harlem, Zimmermann set about documenting Hufelandstrasse where he also lived at the time.

For over a year, Zimmermann photographed almost daily on the street with his large-format camera, patiently asking shop-owners and residents if he could take their picture. Hufelandstrasse was then home to a cross-section of citizens of the German Democratic Republic, as well as many family-run stores and workshops—from bakeries and cobblers, to a pet shop and even an atelier for repairing women’s stockings—an uncanny concentration of private business which had otherwise been fazed out by the communist state.

book comprises black-and-white outdoor photos of people and buildings, a number of more intimate color images of families in their apartments, as well as a recent index of photos showing the locations as they appear today. The result is an historical document beyond nostalgia of a rapidly changing city.

Exhibition: C/O Berlin, 28 April to 2 July 2017

152 pages, 95 images

Hardback / Clothbound
29.5 x 24 cm

English / German

ISBN 978-3-95829-264-2
1. Edition 05/2017

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