The Birkenstock brand is adored the world over for its footwear and commitment to high-quality European production. Its sandals and the famous cork footbed they harness have filtered into countless cultures and subcultures over many decades. Today, Birkenstocks are icons of style, individualism and self-expression. For the first time, the rich visual history of the Birkenstock brand and the creativity it has inspired over the years is coming together in book form. The Book of Birkenstock provides a lush, image-led history of the company, its family origins in shoemaking, and its relationship with the health and fashion industries over the years. It also offers a peek behind the scenes into the company’s German production processes that form the Birkenstock footbed, appreciated by millions of wearers.

Enhancing this narrative, the Book of Birkenstock is not just a publication but a premium product in itself, mirroring the brand’s dedication to excellence. It boasts beautiful printing and finishing, with a debossed cover for a tactile sense of luxury. The array of paper stocks has been meticulously selected, with art direction by Munich’s Bureau Borsche, known for its expertise in creating high-end, cutting-edge publications. This attention to detail ensures that each page turn is an experience in itself, inviting readers to not only engage with the content but also to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the book. Launching in 2024, a landmark year for Birkenstock in which it celebrates its 250-year family tradition in shoemaking, this book is the perfect companion for its many fans—from high fashion aficionados to casual wearers. This project is a testament to Birkenstock’s enduring legacy and a celebration of its continuous influence on footwear and fashion.

Co-published with Birkenstock

688 pages, 1108 images

Otabind brochure
22.3 x 31 cm


ISBN 978-3-96999-382-8
1. Edition 06/2024

€ 75.00 incl. VAT
Free shipping

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