At the end of her life, writer Catherine Pozzi only thought six of her poems worthy of being published. "I would like them to be edited as a booklet; also Sappho has survived time with few verses." When she – a friend of Paul Valéry's, Rainer Maria Rilke's, and Ernst Robert Curtius' – wrote this down in 1934, she only had to live for a few more days. It is six poems that are the essence of Catherine Pozzi's lyrical work. Ave, Vale, Scopolamine, Nova, Maya and Nyx express a painful spirituality removed from time. No anthology of French poetry does without one of these poems; the "booklet" of Poèmes, however, published over forty years ago in France and a rarity ever since, is now being made available again – in its original version and, for the first time, in two translations.

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Fester Einband / Leineneinband
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