Robert Adams:
Our Lives and
Our Children

The Robert Adams – Our Lives and Our Children exhibition is being shown at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson from May 16 to July 29, 2018. Robert Adams (born in 1937) is known for his photographic oeuvre on the changing landscape of the American West and his environmental conscience. This is the first exhibition in Paris to show the entire Our Lives and Our Children series, one of the photographer’s most striking visual essays on environmental destruction. One day, in the 1970s, the photographer noticed a column of smoke rising above the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Denver, Colorado and decided to document the potential destruction of a nuclear disaster.

Armed with a Hasselblad, hidden behind a shopping bag, he paced the town and its suburbs, parking lots and shopping malls, photographing people shaped by the consumer society and living their lives under this threat. He was particularly interested in the visible ties between people in the grip of a potential danger, known but invisible. Hidden beneath the apparent tranquillity of these women, men and children, there’s a taut line between the chance that seems to bring them together and the almost imperceptible danger of a nuclear disaster which Robert Adams believes is inevitable.

Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
2, impasse Lebouis, Paris
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun 1pm - 6:30pm, Sat 11am - 6:45pm
Late-night openings: Wednesdays until 8:30pm
Admission: 8 € / 5 €

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