The Steidl Hotel

Where does creativity come from? How does one find their visual language? Where does one draw inspiration from? We invite you to the Steidl Hotel - our new podcast - to learn about the lives of creative people and about what keeps them doing what they do. Our first guest is photographer Nadav Kander, who just published his new book "The Meeting". We spoke about his beginnings, influences, working processes and of course the book — his first of portraits.

"Rather than trying to show something characteristic of the person, what’s more important to me is when they exhibit a human condition that I recognize. If I press the trigger it might result in a picture where the third person of the triangle, the viewer, recognizes something in themselves while looking at it and feels moved. And the reason they do is because they recognize some condition that they feel themselves. And that to me is how portraiture best works." - Nadav Kander

The Steidl Hotel is now available to stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The Steidl Hotel

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