This book is the catalogue published on the occasion of the public opening of Roni Horn’s permanent installation “Some Thames” at Iceland’s University of Akureyri in 2003. Horn’s series of 80 photographs, printed by Gerhard Steidl, comprises abstract close-ups of the River Thames, taken in 1999 and 2000. Installed throughout the university’s classrooms, library, cafeteria, halls and stairwells, the images flow through the complex, their placement reflecting the personal and symbolic meanings of water to Horn. In her words: “When you are looking at water, you find what you want to find. But certainly water is always a mirror too… Water is very elusive, it’s more a state of perpetual relation, it offers a physical one. It has this moody quality, this ability to disregard you, and at the same time it always allows you in, it’s a combination of opposites, of power and vulnerability.”

First edition of 2003

48 Seiten

19.8 x 25 cm


ISBN 978-3-88243-964-9
1. Auflage 03/2003

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