"There is something infinitely romantic about the fading, volatile light of an ending day. As Novalis said of Romanticism that it is the apotheosis of the future. In this case a very near future: the night to come.
There is a short-lived moment of indefinable hope without any real correspondence to reality or precise definition of facts. It´s a very short transitory amount of time between the nearly finished day and an unknown, mysterious darkness to come, unrelated to any utopian dream. I don´t look at Paris with the eyes of a tourist but with the eyes of the inside stranger I always wanted to be." Karl Lagerfeld

This hand-stitched brochure was printed on the occasion of Karl Lagerfeld's first photo exhibition in the United States in 2006 at Pace/MacGill Gallery. The photographs, taken in Paris after the sun has set, transcend simple descriptions of place and capture the emotional dimensions and ethereal qualities of one of the world's most enchanting and legendary cities.

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Fadengeheftete Broschüre
15 x 17 cm


1. Auflage 05/2006


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