Where to best map out ideas for your next groundbreaking novel? To sketch that perfect landscape before it disappears forever? To design your new bestselling fashion collection? And how to do all this with elegance and style? The L.S.D. Diary is your answer! Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and printed by Gerhard Steidl, this diary/notebook boasts 365 pages—one for each day of the year—of creamy uncoated paper, bound in cloth with an embossed logo, a tipped-in vignette and fabric bookmark, enclosed in a transparent dust jacket and all housed in a handmade box. Published by Lagerfeld and Steidl’s imprint L.S.D. (Lagerfeld, Steidl, Druckerei Verlag), this diary is the perfect indulgence for true paper freaks and bookmaking connoisseurs.

364 Seiten

Leineneinband mit Acetatumschlag in einer Schachtel
13.5 x 21 cm


ISBN 978-3-86930-460-1
1. Auflage 11/2012

€ 20.00 inkl. MwSt.
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